Summer Favorites 2017

September 19, 2017

The summer season is dwindling down.  Here are my favorites from this season!

Origins Original Skin
Influenster sent me a new skin care line but I'm always 100% honest in my reviews and I LOVE this line!
Felt Letter Board
Felt letter board.  I got this perfect little one at Hobby Lobby.  I love that it is white on white.  I was very late to the game on the letter board trend.  I'm not very trendy but it is so dang handy.
New Camera - Nikon D610
I was forced to get another camera because Milam got my SD card stuck in my old camera.  It was a lot of new fun features.  I really like the double exposure feature just for cool shots of my own two.
New Kitchen
We FINALLY re-did our kitchen.  Full post HERE
Snow cones at Lottie's
We got a new snow cone stand here in Conroe and it is so cute and so yummy.
Summer, you were good to us!  Here's to fall!

Post Weekend Post

September 18, 2017

Getting back into the swing of this school thing post Harvey has been tough.  Jonathan didn't start until after Harvey so we are still trying to figure out the ins and outs of how it will go this year with Georgia's school and gym schedule and trying to get dinner made each day now that Jonathan's day is slightly longer than usual.
 We're trying to make sure we still get in some family chill time.  We had dinner at the park the other night.  Nothing special.
Every time they play outside they get out ALL the toys!
Monday nights always look like this.  Spaghetti night!
His best hide and seek spot ;)
So Milam's skin has been crazy lately.  I took him to a dermatologist and long story short I was super unimpressed with their assessment and pretty much everything about the office.  A friend told me to try adding probiotics into his diet.  I added baby probiotics to his morning milk. The picture on the left is the morning before he had his first dose.  The picture on the right is the next day.  Notice how much better the patch on the left looks! (Your left, not his).  It's gotten better every day.  We've since filled his ointment RX and am using it sparingly and I don't see nearly the results as I did with the probiotics.  We're using both still and I'm hoping it continues to get better.
Georgia also decided to get baptized.  This was right after she told her dad.
This one IS ALWAYS climbing!  He keeps me on my toes!
On Sunday we wanted to have a fun day in Houston.  We went to Discovery Green.  Of course had a hard time finding parking...but I really wanted to see the latest instillation.
THEN, I really wanted to see the Rist exhibit at the MFA.  Saturday was the last day it was open so this was the day.  Jonathan and I stumbled upon a Rist exhibit in Barcelona (read: we went in without paying on accident) so I HAD to see this one!
My kids LOVED it but a little too much so Milam lasted about 5 minutes (or less!) before we took him out because I wouldn't put it past him to literally tear the whole thing down (#trueStory)  We again had a hard time parking and then got in trouble for touching the outside wall of the art building.  I'm not even kidding.
We hit up the main gallery and the ever popular light tunnel.  I got in trouble again for trying to take the stroller up the escalator even though Milam wasn't in  it.
We tried to find a look alike for everyone.  We found several for Jonathan but not one for anyone else :/ Milam also touched this painting.  Because of said incidents above, luckily nobody noticed.
 We hit up The Kitchen at the Dunlavy.  The line was super long and so we didn't stay long.  Per our luck in Houston.  I was super frustrated at this point.  The kids were hungry!
 When we got home from Houston I told Jonathan I wanted to spin like Maria (from Sound of Music) in our yard because our kids have a large space to run and play without fear of getting hit by a car and we can park wherever we want because our driveway and garage are huge.  Points for Conroe!

On Sunday, Georgia went down to the front at church to talk about getting baptized.  We are so proud of her.  She's taking a Bible to school on Monday and now says she wants to be a missionary.  Watch out world!
 And then there is this nugget!  He's the most adorable little boy in the world and that smile! Ahh!
Annnnnnd...our internet is down AGAIN! So, now I'm using a hot spot on my phone and my phone and computer will not link up so I can't get the last few pics from my phone.  Bummer :/

Random Brain Dump

September 15, 2017

I obsessively cut Milam's hair and nails.  Love freshly trimmed hair! (And he pinches a lot)

I'm about 60% sure I want another kid and 40% don't.  Mainly because I don't want to pay three kid's college tuition.  Jonathan, not so much. 99% sure he does't want another. He said no matter how many we have he'll be happy but he doesn't want to split his time up even more.  He likes a lot of quality time with our two and doesn't want his time to be split three ways.  I feel like if Milam had been born even one year earlier we would have more time to decide but obviously I'm a year older so the clock is always ticking.  AND, Milam was a good baby (as good as a baby can be in my mind...all newborns to me = HARD!) but Georgia was a very difficult newborn.  I don't want another difficult one.  That makes me VERY weary!

I eat a lot of chocolate.  A LOT.  I need to really work on my sugar addiction.

I have hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) and take hormones every day.  It causes fatigue and elevated cholesterol (which can lead to heart issues), depression, and a lot of other things like dry skin.  You have to take the hormones while pregnant or risk the chance of birth defects.  I wake up, take my pill with a full glass of water, wait an hour, and then eat breakfast.  After having Georgia it took me 18 months to get my levels back on track (common after birth) which resulted in failure to produce enough breast milk and me losing a very large amount of weight at a rapid rate.  After Milam my levels remained (almost) constant although I lost weight fairly quickly and produced a lot of milk.  I still battle fatigue but it isn't nearly as bad.  Because my body handled itself so great after birth this time around my OBGYN is handling my meds and I no longer see an endocrinologist every 3 months.  It has been a really nice change. It has been a learning process and I wish I had known more about it when initially diagnosed.

Not sure what is my favorite part of "This is Us".  Now, I will be honest I don't think it's like THE BEST THING EVER but...
1) Is the music my favorite?
2) Is Mandy Moore's 70's wardrobe my favorite?
3) Are Randall and Beth my favorite?
...Three way tie???

I feel kind of stuck house wise right now.  I think it would be easier to move...kind of.  Jonathan doesn't want to move again...EVER.  (Read: he doesn't like change).  We live on an acre and he rather do a full scale remodel and add on eventually.  I think that sounds like a lot of trouble BUT I'm not sure we can find what we want, in a school district we like, with the lot size we want, that is still close to everything! Our town was named the fastest growing town in America (true statement!) so everything is pretty much taken that is in town and on a big lot.  I used to want more land and to live farther out but time is so valuable to use these days that living further out, or further from J's work, or further from our family is kind of something we aren't willing to do.  My family helps us out so much, J works so much, and more land would mean MUCH MUCH more work and TIME.  This location is the perfect balance right now...but it is not my dream house.  If we could make it my dream house then I would stay.

Georgia has named five of her children:
Ivy Claire
Poppy Reynolds
Edie Emiline
Michael Bentley

Why are "on point" eye brows a thing?  I don't get why drawing your eye brows on so thick and clearly looking like they are not real is a thing.  Anyone else with me on this?!

And, why do we get offended by everything? EVERYTHING.  I feel like in parenting we can't say anything without taking offense.  Like, people some how get offended when a stranger says, "your hands look full" It has never bothered me once.  It's usually a parent who is older than me and says it with a smile and a laugh.  Just because it is said a lot doesn't me it is bad.  I do kind of get where people are coming from.  Like, I used to be asked ALL THE TIME about when we were going to have another baby.  Granted that is SUPER personal but people aren't going to know by looking at me that I had two miscarriages a year apart and each of those pregnancies took me almost a year to get.  People are just trying to make conversation.  Or if you're pregnant people just shouldn't be allowed to talk to you or look at you because you'll be mad at them no matter what they say.  I wasn't like that when I was pregnant.  Again, people just trying to make conversation...with one exception.  The man who constantly asked me if I was sure I wasn't having twins.  Fairly certain he got some sort of sick pleasure from seeing my blood boil.

In general I'm just so over all of those "Dear mom take heart" articles.  I can't handle the cheesiness of it all.  I said it.  Don't hate me #sorryNOTsorry

Also, I've over the whole tribe - wild and free movement.  I'm not native american and while my children are wild, despite my best efforts, they are for sure not feral...

I feel every year like my favorite season has been stolen from me.  My favorite season has always been fall and now it is so overly trendy for that to be your favorite season.  My birthday is in October so fall has always selfishly been may favorite.  Last fall was the best yet.  I was just coming out of my newborn haze with Milam and we were able to be out and about as a family.  Such a sweet time.

Georgia is really into jewelry and always has a lot of questions about mine.  She calls my engagement ring my "proposement" ring...which kind of make sense.

When I started my  "business" I never really meant for it to be a business.  We were living in a house my mom owned after our recent home sell and were trying to have another baby.  It took almost 18 months to find a house and about 2.5 years to get our son so photography gave me ownership over something, control over a tiny little part of my life, provided a creative outlet, gave me something to do while Georgia was at preschool, and occupied my mind to keep me from thinking about pregnancy too much.  It really did provide so much for me but it really snuck up on me in a way.  My business kind of exploded (not that I'm hugely successful or really all that good) and I feel like I'm playing catch up.  I got a new stronger camera, still need a new computer and different photoshop...and so many other things but it now SO hard with a one year old.  I love what I do and the flexibility it affords me but Milam gives me no flexibility and he has to come first. I feel kind of stalled out creatively speaking because Milam gets so much of my energy and that's fine.  Everything has its season.

I don't like white subway tile with dark grout.  It looks dirty.  There.  I said it.  It is so nice to have that off my chest.  Phew...

La Bella Flora

September 12, 2017

Y'all! I was contacted to try out the new Serendipity Clothing line.  So many cute items for layering.  I'm ever practical so I selected this SET.  Yes!  All this came together!  I'm obsessed with the lace undershirt because Georgia cannot wear straps to school and this undershirt is perfect for Texas weather (#AlwaysHot)  I could even pair the strap top with ruffle shorties, the leggings with a plain top, and the under shirt with other things that are out of dress code.  It is like a win, win, WIN!
Georgia feels like the fanciest thing ever in this dress.  I already have visions of her Valentine's day party!  So perfect, right?!
La Bella Flora Children's Boutique carries a lot of other brands as well.  So many options!  Right now they have a lot of fall colors going on in several of their brands and even some good deals of summer and spring.  I've already added the website to my favorites list.

A Catch All

September 11, 2017

If you've been wondering what we've been up to...we survived the hurricane, we all went back to our normal routines...and we haven't had internet since Friday morning.  So, I'm at my mom's house mooching off of her internet just to do a large photo dump for the sake of doing it.


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