Georgia's {7th!!!} Birthday Celebration

May 23, 2018

I begged Georgia to have her party somewhere else.  I told her I really didn't want to do another home party. But she wanted it at home.  With activities.  And, only girls.  So, I gave the birthday girl what she wanted.

I made chocolate cake balls (because I had shave the tops of the cakes off so I had cake left over) but didn't dip them in anything to coat them.  Still good.
 Funfetti cookies from scratch.  Honestly, I wasn't a fan but they looked cute and the kids loved them!
 Bracelet making station.  All of these were per Georgia's request.  She also wanted the party outside and I said, "no way" so I crammed it all into the living spaces.
 Canvas station.
(As a former art teacher I don't recommend CraZart or any off brands.  It's all Hobby Lobby had.  Other wise I am strictly Crayola all the way.)
 Lip gloss station
Coconut oil mixed with Jello.  Super easy.
 I made her a three layer funfetti "naked" cake.  Vanilla icing and chocolate icing between the layers.
 Everything for the party was from Hobby Lobby or Target.  The cake succulents are from Hobby Lobby.  I didn't make those.
 Her party was the weekend before her birthday.  On her actual birthday my mom and step dad took her to dinner and we gave her a kayak!  She wanted a lime green one so that's what she got.
Since she wanted "girls only" we had a specials friends dinner with Ethan.  I didn't want him to feel left out and wanted them to be able to celebrate together.
It's going to be a good year!

Milam - 21 Months

May 22, 2018

Milam, you are such a little stinker.  A sour patch kid for sure.  You are so cute and so lovable and so funny that you make me want another one just like you.  On the other hand you are so exhausting and make me feel so done.  Sour patch or not we love you more than we could ever describe.

You've slept really good this month and really bad.  Your last incisor came in so you should level out.  You're eating a TON of meat and cheese right now...and berries.  You even gobbled down broccoli the other night.  YAY!

Diapers are size 6.  Clothes are 2T.  Shoes are 8.5 or 9.  You weigh somewhere around 30 pounds.

You've started to hoard lovies.  You currently have three.  Bunny, dog, and cat.  We don't let you sleep with cat because he's your sisters.  You love anything outside and love your bike that you just push around.

Still a momma's boy but are becoming more equal opportunity which is so nice on my arms.  You still adore your sister and really like all her friends as well.

You are your sister are so different is so many ways and alike in so many ways. You're talking more and more and becoming easier for me to understand although most people probably don't.  While your sister was fairly articulate at this age you are not.  We still let you go potty before your bath at night.  You don't show a lot of interest to build upon that.

I love you my silly boy!

Week in the Life -19

May 21, 2018

On Monday I started no carbs and no sugar.  It started off really bad at our last MOPS meeting/ice cream social.  So, I started after MOPS.  Jonathan and I give ourselves three cheat meals throughout the weekend and it gives us something to look forward to.  Its tough!

I signed Georgia up a long time ago for Barnes and Noble's birthday club.  She gets a free starbucks treat from them every year at the little cafe in the book store.  She picked a sugar cookie of all things.
The just walked around and looked at the water
 Clearly he loves peanut butter!
 Georgia's birthday was on Thursday.  I made her a quick special breakfast! She was excited.
 Brother and I went and picked up sister's birthday donuts to pass out at school lunch.
 We also got them matching Columbia shirts for the upcoming summer outdoor activities.  This is the smallest they came in but still cute ;)
 Aren't these the cutest ever!?
 Lunch of CFA for school
 Milam looking pretty cool here.  He cut his toe pretty badly but I couldn't get a band-aid on it.  So I put socks on him (it wasn't bleeding really bad and I had cleaned and dried it really well) but he wanted to go outside...socks and crocs.  Looks good :)  Also, blueberry popsicle on his face and stole his sister's drink.
 Friday...of to rehome a box turtle who had walked all the way up our driveway
 Milam making me tired.  Pulls the couch cushions off...
 We took Georgia and Ethan for birthday dinner to celebrate since she had a girls only party.  Sweet friends.
 Saturday Jonathan had to work.  I had Milam to myself per the usual because he took G to work with him and then they were off to kayak after work.  She wanted a green kayak for her birthday.
 All his babies ready for a walk.  We walked to my mom's and hung out for awhile before we headed home to eat lunch and it was nap time for M.
Jonathan sent me a lot of pictures of their adventure!
We went and swam at a friend's house and then I headed into Houston for an engagement session that I can't post until after they send out save the date cards.

On Sunday we tried for Sunday pictures.  Meh.
I got Milam down for a nap, my mom came and watch him, and then we went to our neighbor's Eagle Scout awards.  It was really sweet.
Then, it was home and dinner and bed.  Just to start over today! Happy Monday!

Georgia - Seven Years Old

May 17, 2018

Oh my sweet, Georgia! How on earth are you SEVEN?!  (How am I old enough to have a seven year old?!) You are so smart and loving and have such a friendly little spirit about you.
In march you were 51.4 lbs (61.2%) and 48.25 inches (66.1%) which is so funny.  The older you get the smaller you get.  I would never look at you and think you were in the 99% as a baby.  My tiny hiney used to be such a chunky monkey.  You are naturally muscular, which you don't get from me, and doing so well in gymnastics. You moved up a level in gym and got your back handspring in tumbling.
You love your baby brother so much and it makes me so happy to see you growing in that role.  He gets so excited to see you when you come home from school.  You talk about him like he's your baby.
"Mom, that picture of brother just grabs me!"...Beats her chest with her fist! "Mom! Where did our baby go?!"
Y'all's sweet little relationship is just the best.
I'm always proud of you but this year you have grown so much.  Not just this year but I have seen a distinct change in you over the past 4-6 months.  You're doing phenomenally in school and in have learned so much in gymnastics.  It is like all of a sudden it all clicked for you in a way that it hadn't before.
Your reading ability blows me away and math has become super easy for you.  You love art and you sing really well but don't care for music class.  You love to dance but don't like dance class either.  Last night you told me you wanted to be a professional gymnast and vet.  You love animals of all kinds and will pick up nearly anything.  You love to draw and write and I love watching your creative side develop.
 You are in a 6/7 clothes and a 13/1 for shoes.  You love shorts and Tshirts right now but I still get you to wear dresses most of the time.  You are all about comfort while you play and don't want any dresses holding you back.
 You love to play outside with all the neighborhood kids and enjoying riding your bike up and down our street all afternoon.  You are pretty sensitive and take anything said to you to heart.  You tattle more than you should and your little white lies get you into trouble at home.
My Georgia Peach, you are so much more than I could have ever dreamed having a little girl is.  I wish I could keep you little forever despite that watching you grow and learn is one of my greatest joys.  I love your kind heart and your silly personality.  I hope you have the best day today!  I love getting to celebrate you and am so thankful God gave you to me.

Week in the Life - 18

May 14, 2018

-Illness, Teachers, Party, Prom, Photo shoots-

When my alarm went off Monday morning I was like, "No.  No.  Just NO!"  This time of year is so busy.  I feel like we are just coming and going and I am ready for school to be done.  Jonathan is super busy at work and I have more photo shoots than I normally do this time of year which is good and bad.  I'm such a homebody that I just want all my people with me all the time.  We do try to include each other as much as possible but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

On Monday we played outside a LOT.  The highs are just about 90 but for us that isn't too bad considering we have a screened in porch that is shaded 100% of the day and with all our large trees we can find shade somewhere.  Milam just wants to water the plants all day.  Luckily the pots are all well drained...hahaha.

We enjoyed celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week/day all week long and are so very thankful to all the wonderful educators in our lives.
On Tuesday Georgia came home from school sick.  BOO!  I am so over illness!  Milam and I had been suffering with allergies FOREVER and I had even been to the doctor twice to treat the resulting sinus infection and ear infection that would not go away.  Milam also had a sinus infection...then a stomach bug.  And then G.  She's a nail biter and when she's anxious she puts her hands in her mouth (super annoying) so any and all germs go straight on in.  Ick.  I took G right to the doctor because her birthday party was planned for Friday.  Spoiler: she missed school wednesday and thursday but went to school on Friday and still had her party.
At the doctor she tested negative for strep but they gave her antibiotics because her tonsils looked so bad.  Who the heck knows what is going on with her.  It very well may end in her tonsils getting taken out.

Wednesday and Thursday we just hung out at home and skipped school and gymnastics which was a huge bummer because she just got moved up.  Georgia was really disappointed.
On Friday I baked three batches of cookies, one batch of cake balls, and a three layer cake!  I was so busy but it was worth it to have Georgia's birthday party on friday.  Jonathan left in the middle of the party to chaperone prom.  Lucky him ;)  Actually, poor guy got home at 2 am.  After G's party I had my mom come over and watch the kids so I could go out and celebrate my sister in law's birthday.
On Saturday I had a photo shoot two hours away so that took up five hours of my day.  It was a gorgeous day and location but a lot of driving.  The images are turning out lovely.

Sunday was mother's day and it was a great day.  Breakfast in bed, sweet gifts and cards, church, and then family lunch.  Then, we ended the day swimming with our across the street neighbors.  It was fun.
Hopefully I can find the time to post about her sweet little party later!


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