Vacation is Over

June 26, 2017

Back to reality we are.  It isn't all bad though ;)

We joined the Usborne summer reading program (through Brittney) and we're all really excited about it.  I did stand up the books next to her for this picture but she isn't staged.  She can't keep her nose out of them.  We are really excited to get our July and August boxes.
The heat and humidity has hit us hard and so has teething.  We try to be outside when we can but it has to include cold water of some type.
Or...wearing a lot of clothes and sweating a lot while trying to avoid mosquitoes.
AND, it's all fun and games until someone fall so on the driveway :(
Sad, sweet boy.
Then, we abandon our outdoor ways and bring the outside toys in!
This weekend was a LONG one because Jonathan left Friday before we woke up and got home Monday night.  That's a long time for him to be gone considering he NEVER travels for work.
On sunday my mom and step dad took G to church so I could stay home.  G broke M's crib on Friday, and then M busted his forehead on Saturday.  Luckily, sunday brought no exciting events!
Other than church we delivered eggs...
My mom and step dad delivered flowers...
and watched Wellie Wishers on Amazon.
Now, it's Monday and Jonathan is coming home! YAY!

Milam - 10 Months

June 22, 2017

Milam, this month you have been far from a TOTAL joy.  You were joyful all but last week.
You have 6 teeth, are working on 4 more I think, are a full on walker, wave and say hi and bye.  Dance when you hear music, sign "all done", can mimic fairly well with motions or speech.  You went on vacation to Hot Springs, celebrated Father's Day.

You are in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diapers

You sleep 11.5-13 hours a night.  Usually 11.5-12.  You go to bed at 7:30 and take a nap around 12:30.  Typically 2.5-3 hours.  Your schedule is the same as last month.  You love to eat.  So far you don't like raspberries or scrambled eggs but everything else is fair game. (I'll keep trying on those though)
Given a choice you will always pick a car to play with.  You are obsessed with wheels so Nanny, who gets around in a wheel chair, is super cool to you.

Fairly certain your eye lashes are still getting longer if that is possible.

You get shy and it is so cute.  You bury your head in my chest if you meet someone new.
Everyone has been loving your eyes this month even more than before.  You already need another hair cut.  Boy hair is hard to keep tailored.

You obviously wouldn't give me the time of day for these pictures.  Way more interesting things to do.  Anything your sister is doing you want to be doing...running, riding a bike, scootering, want to do IT ALL!  You also love practicing ROARING.  It is so funny.

I'm trying to think about all the things that make you YOU but it is so hard to get it all down in one place.  You're so cute and so sweet.

Summer Trip Two - Hot Springs - 2017

June 20, 2017

I didn't want to break the vacation posts down into many parts so here is Hot Springs all in ONE post.  It is a long one!

I had a rule that we would drive at least two hours before each stop.  The trip was 6.5 hours so I figured that would be good.  Milam will only nap about 30 minutes in the car so I was hoping he would be good and for the most part he was.  Our other rule is that while traveling we DO NOT eat at chains...only local spots BUT while driving on a road trip places with a spot to play gets first pick so CFA it was.  Milam is Georgia's absolute pride and joy.  She beams when other people remark on how cute and sweet he is rather than get jealous.  She is just the best big sister and he adores her every bit as much.  They are a match made in heaven.
 After a fair amount of traffic we finally made it across the state line.
 We stopped at the park on Central Ave. to stretch our legs, grab dinner, and explore.  He's such a good sport about being lugged around by her.  Totally normal to him to have two momma bears taking care of him.  What a blessed little boy he his.
All the steps and trails right on Central Ave. are great and help you burn off dinner!  And yes, they matched the entire trip.
We ate at Superior Bath House Brewery and it was great.  Family friendly and great location.
Post brownie faces.  Dessert on Central Ave.  That's THE street in Hot Springs.  Luckily our rental (via AirBnb had a washer - private message me if you want the details on the house we stayed in.  They didn't allow babies, discovered that after booking so I didn't want to post it here)
It had a fantastic porch and porch swing that we really enjoyed.
 Milam combing his hand through Georgia's hair while he eats.  She's watching a movie around his arm.  The sweetest.
 I had them pose that morning on the steps before we headed out to the incredible, MUST SEE, Garvan Woodland Gardens. (I think we were the third people to rent this house.  It was a brand new listing.  Jackpot!)  We were so glad to rent a house because we could play in the morning, come home and nap/rest, and then have the energy to play and eat dinner in the afternoon/evening.  It worked out so great.  Georgia had her own room, we had our own room with en suite bath, and Milam slept in the laundry room.  Our kids always end up sleeping in the closet, bath room, or laundry room.
Tried to get a lot of one on one time with this daddy's girl.
 We went to the top of the mountain in Hot Springs National Park...we drove.  Well, I drove because I get very car sick very easily, but we made it!
Then we explored Bath House Row and G semi became a Junior Ranger.  The AC felt great.  I may add it was all very clean but very old so the paint is worn...that isn't dirt.  The architecture and history were great.  Only two are operational.  This one is open for tours but not actual bath use.
 We explored a small urban park with a little water feature and ended up eating pizza at the house.  Pizza was from a hole in the wall and was delicious.  We tried a few other places but they weren't super kid friendly.
 Little momma hard at work.
We don't need a double stroller but I finally caved and let her share.  She's way too heavy!
The next day we went to Ouachita National Forest and swam at the Charlton Rec area.  So pretty and so fun but SO SO cold.  I was such a wimp about it.  I was squealing and cracking up as I lowered myself into the water. I didn't want to jump in, like I normally would, because I didn't want to get my hair wet so I had to do the slow approach and it was rough.
Despite the pictures, the water was very clear.  Perfect for swimming.
 Afterward we drove to a very, off the beaten bath, look out point and quickly returned back to the ground.
We went casual for dinner and headed to the Purple Cow for dinner and then hit Central Ave again for dessert and walking.  Pretty much our favorite activity.
Father's day was J's pick.  We hiked Lake Catherine State Park and semi beat a storm coming in.  Went home to no power, quickly picked up Arby's, and napped and rested the rest of the evening to recover.  That night we had latin food (not Mexican) and it was YUMMY and in a super cool location.  Rolando's I think?
 He managed to stay awake all of 5 or 10 minutes.  I kept trying to help his little head but he wasn't having it.  My sweet baby bear.
 This was the coolest little spot/swimming hole and we hiked the entire two mile trail (very steep in areas) with two kids in one hour and it was estimated 1.5-2 hours.  Would have loved to have spent more time here but the impending storm wouldn't allow it.  It got so windy and I didn't want us to get stuck on slippery slopes in the rain and fall and bust our shins so off we went.
The restaurant had the coolest location.
The only family pic we got and I was a total wreck but oh well.
 More ice cream and playing at the park after dinner.  So yummy!  I wish my lashes were that long.
Our last day we ate breakfast and were out!
 And they hold hands because they're cute.


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