Week in the Life - 9

March 5, 2018

I have some other posts coming up besides our every day life but that's all I have for right now.  We are going to BIG BEND over spring break (FINALLY!) and are super pumped to hit up ALL THE sights.  We're going at the end of next week so follow along on Insta (I over InstaStory so beware!) @MrsEmilyPowell for all of our West Texas fun!

Another week another...
This week was Dr. Seuss week.  Growing up my mom taught first grade and actually didn't care for Dr. Seuss books because they have made up words and typically make no sense.  Anyway, so we didn't read them a lot so I never really get excited about Dr. Seuss because I think he's kind of weird but I'm that strange mom that likes dress up days/week.  It's like a personal challenge.  All of that to say, Monday was college day (Oh the Places you'll go day).  We love Green and Gold at our house.
This weather has been killing me.  We can't play outside and I can't work (photographer) but we've been seeing little tid bits of sun every now and then and we love it when it does!
I also had a newborn shoot this day.  They came to my house so that was super nice.

Stripes day was fun!  If she had a striped bow and shoes we would have worn those too.  I peaked around my phone and said, "Georgia, smile pretty!" and this is the face that I got.  Oh well.
After the previous sun oh, we got more RAIN.  Our back yard is so SO muddy.  Trying to keep my kids, house, and dog clean with all this yucky weather is impossible.  So much laundry!
But then sunshine again.  We need sun more than a few hours so that my spongy backyard can dry out.
 Hey mom, I just drank muddy water is that cool?
 Yeah, it's cool? I thought so.  Loved it.  Thanks.
Tried getting good 18 month pictures but he wouldn't look at me and smile.  I got one and his arm is up in the air but it's still cute.  I just need one to put on the wall.
Mustache day was funny.  I don't remember where I got the idea for this but we pretty much nailed mustache day.
Milam and I went to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for our planter boxes.  We're so close to being done...and Milam likes the riding lawn mowers.
They added so much curb appeal and I love them.  I knew I would but I didn't think I would love them this much.  The plants aren't planted in this picture hence the plant tags still in there.
AND Jonathan's mom came by to bring us lunch from Chick fil a.  So nice!

Milam is obsessed with stuffed animals.  Georgia was (and still is) at this age as well.  He kept trying to swing on Georgia's bar while holding his puppy so I just stuck the puppy in his outfit and he was so happy about it.  He thought it was so funny.
Georgia had her fun run at school and it overlapped with crazy sock day.  I went to her fun run last year but because her brother is a bit on the rowdy side (won't sit in his stroller nicely...he'll scream at the top of his lungs until someone gets him out) so we had to pass this year.  I felt really bad but I would have had to wake him up after an only hour nap so I just couldn't do that him...or myself.  I hate when I have to miss out on things with her at school because of him (which is a lot) but she's ok with it.  Mom guilt but if I go to one of her events I want to actually experience it and not be drenched in sweat chasing her brother.  She looked so cute and was so excited.
We ended Dr. Seuss week with dressing up like Cindy Lou Who from the cartoon movie version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Georgia was so excited about school on Friday because she got to dress up, her grandmother brought her CFA and read to the class, and then after school one of her little friends came over and they made pizza.  We made heart pizzas and Texas pizzas (because it was TX independence day!)
Milam ended the day with ice cream on his head.  This was all him.  I promise.
Saturday was just for house work and walks the first part of the day.  I'll try to post about our house updates later.  We walked around the neighborhood and went to an estate sale.  After naps I went to a photo shoot and then we went out for italian.
Another rainy Sunday for us.  Well, at least the morning was.  We went to church, I went to a baby shower after, and the kids played outside with all the kids in the neighborhood while I was gone while J worked on projects, and then ended the day with family dinner at my mom's house with everyone.
Happy Monday everyone!

Week in the Life - 8

February 26, 2018

We had a long weekend so our week didn't really start until Tuesday. Unfortunately, Jonathan had to work late and he actually worked on Monday too although he didn't have students.  So, it was just me and the kids.  I have no idea what we did but I know I had everyone was in bed early and I enjoyed free time.

Other than taking Georgia to school and going to gymnastics I have no idea what I did with my life on this day.  I snapped this really quickly on the way to school one morning.  Practicing fish face was apparently was the most important thing that happened on Wednesday. 
Georgia went to gymnastics per the usual and also her and Jonathan's ukuleles came in.  I joked about this a lot on instagram (MrsEmilyPowell) and facebook but she's doing better than I thought.  She can strum up (not so well down) and knows A and C.  Hopefully she's starting piano after spring break and she has the sweetest little singing voice but she doesn't want to do choir.  I'm wanting to squeeze in some voice in with piano but we'll see.
Milam also turned 18 months old.  Pardon me while I cry in a corner.

Go Texan Day was on Friday and that is basically how the Houston area kicks off the rodeo season.  It is one of my favorite days of the year and I love seeing everyone all dressed up and looking so cute.  I'm still on the hunt for some boots and rodeo outfits for Milam.
Jonathan had to work late again.  The kids and I were on our own for dinner and entertainment.  They played outside for EVER with the neighborhood kids until it was time for dinner. I let them cook and dance at the counter while we made pizza and salad and listened to some music.  Milam was in bed early again and Georgia and I stayed up.
G and I stayed up for a girl's night.  We made smores and ate "cookie dough" balls and drank Izze and watched Princess Diaries which I had forgotten wasn't super appropriate for her age level.
 She turned her balance beam into a bed and wanted to sleep there.  Um...no.
Georgia's skills meet was Saturday morning at 8:30 which was nice because it freed up the rest of our day.  It only lasts about an hour and a half.  She was a little nervous but I was so proud of her because she got all rainbow ribbons which means she has mastered all the skills for her level group.  She has worked so hard and grown so much since switching gyms. She goes to Power Tumbling on Wednesday and Gymnastics on Thursdays.
 She was really proud of herself
That evening we had several friends over for dinner and I took no pictures because keeping up with Milam is a full time job and Georgia scratched her eye and that turned into a big ordeal for her.  By Sunday she was fine so no worries.

Church as usual.  But Sunday brought even MORE rain than we've already seen this month so pictures were inside.
 I mean, COME ONE!  So cute, right?!  Baby brother loves his second momma.
Jonathan also managed to get the award for most girl scout cookies ordered by one person.  I'm not even kidding.  He was the little girls biggest order.  Way to go, J.
We've also been checking things off of our 2018 to do list.  Window boxes has been a big one for a long time but for some reason we've never done it.  Jonathan built these really quickly and hung them up while it rained.  Now we just have to stain and seal them and add some pretty flowers.  It isn't spring yet so obviously our plants are pruned and looking super bare.  Hoping everything flowers really nicely once it warms up and we see some sun again.  
I'm going to try to keep my life update posts just for Mondays.  So, come back next Monday (hopefully) and I'll post more about the everyday.

Milam - 18 Months

February 22, 2018

Happy 18 months my sweet baby boy!  Here are a few notable things for this month.

You can...
open doors
open child proof cabinets
use chairs to get anything in the entire house
do front rolls
jump on the trampoline
run surprisingly fast

Newish words:
Love you
Oh no!

You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and wake up from 6:30 to 7:30.  You typically sleep 11.5-12 hours at night.  You have milk when you wake up in the morning and before your nap and then when you wake up and before bed.  The rest of the day is water.  You like all fruit and meat and anything sweet and eat a pretty good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You like your routine and run to your room yelling, "nigh nigh" when you hear your sound machine turn on.  You take a nap at 12 and sleep 2.5 to 3 hours.  On most days you sleep two hours and forty five minutes or more.

About you:
You are literally so full of life.  I have never met anyone more enthusiastic about life.  You will not eat anything green 95% of the time.  It is super frustrating but we're working on it.  You don't cry when dropped off for the nursery or MOPS anymore.  You can be kind of clingy and like to be held.  Three of your molars are all the way in but your last one has popped through so you now have 12 teeth. TMI but you still don't have "solid" poop.  It's soft about 80% of the time.  Sorry dude but I just wanted to write it down.  I feel like it has to do with your boycott on veggies.  You love your sister and your dad.  You hate goodbyes.  Love bath time and being outside.  You'll sometimes sit on the potty and "tee tee" before your bath. You love any sort of ball, cats, trucks, and cars.

Sweet boy, I love you so much and love watching you grow up!

Train of Thought from December

February 21, 2018

I wrote this back in December and then forgot to post it.

It's 80 degrees and I have on a sweater just so there is less surface area for mosquitoes to get to...it's December.  And I have on Off.  They are literally swarming me just so my kid can play outside. He is covered in Off too.

If every mosquito suddenly dropped dead would that affect any sort of ecosystem? Would bats notice? Can we add more bats so they can eat the mosquitoes? How much of a bat's diet comes from mosquitoes?  Again, it's December.

Is it just me or have they gotten faster?!  They used to be so easy to kill and now not so much...have I gotten slower?

And fire ants? Why does Conroe grow so many fire ants and mosquitoes? Would any one/thing notice if all the fireant died suddenly? Do they really do anything? Do they have a real purpose other than biting me and my children?

My cat is so worthless.  She's an outdoor cat to kill snakes, rats, moles, mice...the like.  She literally does nothing.  I've seen one rat that she's killed and a few birds and squirrels.  She's killed a mole before.  Never that I've seen has she killed a snake...the real reason we got her.  Totally pointless.

It is cute when Milam says, "cat" and "meow" thought but I'm not sure if it's worth having a waste of a cat though.

I'm so over pets right now.  My pets need to do something for me.  They need to be productive citizens at my house.  Our dog is worthless number one.

Did I ever mention our last chicken died? I'm over them.  Jonathan and Georgia aren't so we will be getting more and they are productive but still...couldn't have said worthless cat above have protected them a little better from snakes and whatever else was killing them off one by one (except that one time it killed two at a time)?! I hate it.

I also hate that you can't edit your InstaStories.  Yes, I see when I have typos.  Yes, I know they're there.  Yes, I want to fix them.  You can't fix them so you just have to delete them.  Ugh.


I have a hard time being a photographer because a lot of things about my profession bother me.  Such as the terms, "creatives".  Like, "we are a group of creatives".  Cultivate and curate also really bother me because sometimes (a lot of times) I feel like people are trying to hard.  But, that's just me.  Please don't hate me.

And, let's end with a picture of my beautiful bitty boy just because

Long Weekend = Much Needed

February 20, 2018

We finally got haircuts!  I needed one SO so badly.  I'll be honest.  I was battling this really bad dry spot on the back of my head and just could not get it to go away.  I told my hairdresser and she said she didn't care, and gave me a few tips to get rid of it, but I just didn't want anyone to see it.  I finally was able to get it to go away with Tgel and coconut oil so cue...hair cuts for all!  I got 8-9 inches cut off.  Georgia got A LOT cut off as well and Milam got a trim.  Post baby my hair grows in oddly wavy.  So I had straight hair, wavy hair, and straw like dead ends.  Ick.  Now I have all of that besides the straw like ends.  Ugh, it will take awhile for it to get all back to normal.
I took the cutest newborn pictures on saturday morning.  This rain here is killing my photo business.  Luckily newborn shoots can't be rained out.  I came home, we ran errands, and got ready for friends to come over for dinner.  I was busy all day but it was so nice to be working again and then to end the day with friends.  And I took no pictures that day that I wasn't paid to take.  Sorry.

We drove to Waco for just the day (2.5 hour drive for us) to see our nephew get baptized.  Our brother in law is a pastor in Waco.  We got into town a little early so we were killing time taking pictures in front of some of their newer murals.  It was colder than I thought and raining just slightly and I heard someone yelling my name.  It was my mom's sweet friend Dana.  They finished college together when I was four and worked in Forney together for like 10 years.  They were best friends and I know it was so hard for my mom (and me) to leave Rockwall because of her.  Her and her family were so sweet to my mom and I after my parents divorced.  She doesn't live in Waco so it was totally random that she was there the same time I was.  I was running in heels holding Milam (I hadn't seen her since 2013 I don't think!) and she was driving towards me with her head out the window screaming (she wasn't driving...she was a passenger!)  Y'all.  I can't even tell you what an amazing blessing it was to see her that day.  I love it when God sends you little nudges like that.
The mural pictures weren't even that exciting after seeing Dana.  She said she was telling her friends how cute those murals would be for family pictures and then said, "hey! that's Emily!"  Highlight of the trip for sure.  Also, while we were there our old music minister in Conroe is the interim music pastor at our brother in laws church so we saw him and a kid in the orchestra at the church in Waco grew up in Conroe and his mom teaches sunday school with Jonathan.  We had all sorts of reunions in Waco that day.  Seriously.  Best day ever.
One of my most popular blog posts is all about the murals in Waco.  I even have links to their exact locations.  We visit Waco often because I graduated from Baylor and Jonathan's sister and her family live in Waco so I update the post a lot.  I'm always adding to it so go ahead and bookmark it and go back to it when you take your next Texas road trip.  The link is HERE!  There is a pinable there if you do that sort of thing.

Georgia didn't have to go to school on President's Day but Jonathan did.  Bummer.  He was actually at work before 6 am for early parent meetings.  That guy is amazing.
He got home way earlier than normal, brought us presents, cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen, packed us a picnic, drove us to the park, and took us out for dessert.  Gah...I love him!

We had such a great long weekend! What about you guys?!


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